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Red River is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It consists of a truck stop, a general store, and two small farms owned by the same people who own the truck stop and the store. There is almost nothing else to this town... except for it's namesake, the Red River. Some say that if you follow it upstream far enopugh, it will lead you to Hell. Some say that its water has healing properties. Some say that it is the result of a failed alchemical experiment. Still others say that the water is radioactive. What is the truth of The Blood River? No one knows, but many intend to find out. You are one of those adventurers, following the River to what may be your doom...


To elaborate, this isn't going to be one of those 'town from hell' type things. That's been overplayed. Each player is going to be in Riverton (a nickname for the town of Red River, cuz I sure as heck ain't writing 'the town of Red River' over and over) for some reason, be it visiting friends/family, just passing through, anything you want. The point is that as many people are in Riverton when suddenly, a girl who went missing a month ago turns up on the banks of Red River... sans her head, and several limbs. Where it goes from there is up to you. If enough people think it would be better, I'll work out a more definite story. But really, this RP will revolve around the seriously messed up stuff that goes on in the vicinity of Red River and Riverton, and that stuff will be up to the players. Because I only have the begginings of a plot, the players will have a lot more control over what happens, without the need for me to step in, slowing things down.


  • Ethan Woodward (played by Mewtarthio)
  • That's about it, but there are a few other people who showed intrest in this.

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